Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS: Part 2

6 July 2017

Phoenix + Vue + Brunch

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS - Part 2: single file vue components

As soon as the application starts becoming huge, with multiple components, pages and views, the development productivity will decrease.

To help with application complexibility, huge projects and big applications, VueJS has a feature called Single File Components.

Single File Components is the way that VueJS uses to organize, re-use and manage components.

Let’s learn how to setup and use them.

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Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS: Part 1

25 January 2017

Phoenix + Vue + Brunch

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS: the heaven

Phoenix is an extremely powerful, simple, easy, fast web framework. It is made for the new web, for dynamic beautiful web applications. Behind Elixir, my language of passion, powered by Erlang and it’s battle proven Erlang VM (BEAM), Phoenix contains everything you need to rapidly build your web application, ready for scalability and fault tolerance.

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Exercism - Elixir - Hello World

26 September 2016

Exercism.IO “Hello World”

Hello World is the introductory exercism challenge for most languages. Exercism gives us a test-case and a partially implemented module with the necessary API interfaces to run the test-case.

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