The best WSL Terminal is a Native Linux Terminal


Windows Subsystem Linux default terminal Prompt could have more features. It lack tabs, integration with Linux CLI applications, colors and customization which real Linux terminal, like GnomeTerminal/Konsole/XTerm have. The best solution, is to run a native Linux terminal from within WSL, then expose it using a Windows X11 Server.

Chrome Dev Tools - Debugging tips and tricks

Chrome Dev Tools - Debugging tips and tricks RevealJS presentation regarding Chrome Dev Tools tips and tricks. Click here to open material Chrome Dev Tools rocks! o/

Fedora Bumblebee - Installation and solving GDM issues

NVidia Optimus Laptop

Nouveau an is inspiring project, however, with lack of Nvidia Corp. support, unfortunately their driver doesn’t fully support new graphic cards. This is because NVidia uses non-documented approaches to reclock the video cards after they are powered up.

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS: Part 3

Phoenix + Vue + Brunch

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS - Part 3: routing with Vue-Router

Client-side routing became a common pattern. So many applications are designed as Single Page Applications, and it requires a system to map page addresses to page components.

VueJS gives us Vue-Router, a tool that allows us to do that client-side URL mapping.

Let’s see how to use it!

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS: Part 2

Phoenix + Vue + Brunch

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS - Part 2: single file vue components

As soon as the application starts becoming huge, with multiple components, pages and views, the development productivity will decrease.

To help with application complexibility, huge projects and big applications, VueJS has a feature called Single File Components.

Single File Components is the way that VueJS uses to organize, re-use and manage components.

Let’s learn how to setup and use them.

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS: Part 1

Phoenix + Vue + Brunch

Phoenix, Brunch and VueJS: the heaven

Phoenix is an extremely powerful, simple, easy, fast web framework. It is made for the new web, for dynamic beautiful web applications. Behind Elixir, my language of passion, powered by Erlang and it’s battle proven Erlang VM (BEAM), Phoenix contains everything you need to rapidly build your web application, ready for scalability and fault tolerance.

Curso AngularJS - FATEC semana da tecnologia

Curso AngularJS

Aqui temos o material para o Curso AngularJS 1.0, curso que foi aplicado na FATEC São Roque - SP e FATEC Sorocaba - SP. O material inclui um servidor HTTP e scripts para iniciar um servidor HTTP usando Python (que pode ser usado tanto em ambientes Linux, como em ambientes MacOS)

git bisect - debugging regressions

The regression nightmare

The QA Team comes with our worst nightmare: a regression bug. Since the last release, the development team had made more than 100 commits, adding new features to the product.

Developer fighting a bug

How to find the regression bug in a faster manner?

Exercism - Elixir - Hello World

Exercism.IO “Hello World”

Hello World is the introductory exercism challenge for most languages. Exercism gives us a test-case and a partially implemented module with the necessary API interfaces to run the test-case.